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    32144 - Strength Training

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    Read Notice32144-A2Strength Training01/08/19 - 03/05/19 6:00P - 7:00PTuFee DetailsItem Details
    Add to Cart32144-A3Strength Training03/19/19 - 05/07/19 6:00P - 7:00PTuFee DetailsItem Details
    Read Notice32144-A4Strength Training11/27/18 - 12/18/18 6:00P - 7:00PTuFee DetailsItem Details

    32413 - Water Workout

    Part workout, part dance party, part splashing in the water. Water Workout is a fun way to get and stay fit. The gentle resistance of the water is a perfect way to gain both strength and endurance while taking it easy on your joints.

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    Read Notice32413-A1Water Workout-Monday09/17/18 - 12/17/18 1:30P - 2:30PMFee DetailsItem Details
    Read Notice32413-A2Water Workout-Wednes09/19/18 - 12/19/18 1:30P - 2:30PWFee DetailsItem Details
    Read Notice32413-A3Water Workout-Wednes01/09/19 - 04/10/19 1:30P - 2:30PWFee DetailsItem Details

    36001 - Ballet 'n Rhythm

    Introduce your toddler to the basics of dance through pre-ballet, rhythm exercises, and creative movement. This class will incorporate music, movement, imagery, and props to develop motor skills and imagination. Dance clothing and ballet shoes are required.

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    Read Notice36001-A1Ballet 'n Rhythm09/26/18 - 11/14/18 9:15A - 10:00AWFee DetailsItem Details
    Read Notice36001-A2Ballet 'n Rhythm01/09/19 - 02/27/19 9:00A - 9:45AWFee DetailsItem Details

    36099 - Ballet & Tap

    Learn the basic techniques and fundamentals of both ballet and tap as well as the vocabulary of each style. There will be creative movement along with learning basic skills. Wear dance-able clothing, appropriate shoes and bring water. Children learning to dance while having fun is a plus.

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    Read Notice36099-A1Ballet & Tap09/29/18 - 11/17/18 8:15A - 9:15ASaFee DetailsItem Details
    Read Notice36099-A2Ballet & Tap12/01/18 - 01/19/19 8:15A - 9:15ASaFee DetailsItem Details
    Read Notice36099-A3Ballet & Tap02/02/19 - 03/23/19 8:15A - 9:15ASaFee DetailsItem Details

    36100 - Toddler Time Art

    Children will create craft projects based on seasons, holidays, characters, and books. A variety of materials are provided for the children to explore and create their masterpieces.

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    Add to Cart36100-A1Toddler Time Art02/05/19 - 03/05/19 9:00A - 10:00ATuFee DetailsItem Details
    Add to Cart36100-A2Toddler Time Art03/12/19 - 04/02/19 9:00A - 10:00ATuFee DetailsItem Details
    Add to Cart36100-A3Toddler Time Art04/09/19 - 05/07/19 9:00A - 10:00ATuFee DetailsItem Details

    36101 - ABC for 2's and 3's

    Children will be introduced to letters and numbers, days of the week, seasons, and holidays through hands on activities. They will participate in art, sensory play, songs, science and movement. Designed to foster independence for the child not yet enrolled in a preschool or child care center. Also for the child who needs an extra day of structured activities.

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    Read Notice36101-A1ABC for 2's and 3's10/09/18 - 10/30/18 9:00A - 10:00ATuFee DetailsItem Details
    Read Notice36101-A2ABC for 2's and 3's11/13/18 - 12/11/18 9:00A - 10:00ATuFee DetailsItem Details
    Read Notice36101-A3ABC for 2's and 3's01/08/19 - 01/29/19 9:00A - 10:00ATuFee DetailsItem Details

    36102 - Sizzling Science

    Children will become junior scientists with our engaging hands on experiments. Each class features a different experiment, some experiments will have an eruption component!

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    Add to Cart36102-A1Sizzling Science02/05/19 - 03/05/19 4:00P - 5:00PTuFee DetailsItem Details
    Add to Cart36102-A2Sizzling Science03/12/19 - 04/02/19 4:00P - 5:00PTuFee DetailsItem Details
    Add to Cart36102-A3Sizzling Science04/09/19 - 05/07/19 4:00P - 5:00PTuFee DetailsItem Details

    36104 - Babysitter's Certification

    Girls and boys are welcome. Ideal clas for current and future sitters. This training gives you the knowledge, skills, and confidence to care for infants and school aged children. This course addresses safety issues, preventing injuries and illnesses, and basic child care. Students learn by doing and will be required to demonstrate the skills to be certified by the American Pediatric Association. Please bring a lunch.

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    Read Notice36104-A1Babysitter's Certifi01/21/19 - 01/21/19 9:00A - 2:00PMFee DetailsItem Details

    36111 - Kids Hula Hoop Star

    Join Kailey for an exciting hula hoop class. We will explore the world of hooping through play and movement. Learn how to hoop, play interactive games, and have fun. This class will foster creativity improve balance, social skills, motor skills, and coordination. Hoops are provided.

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    Read Notice36111-A1Kids Hula Hoop Star10/01/18 - 10/29/18 5:00P - 6:00PMFee DetailsItem Details

    36113 - Active Kids

    This program will keep kids active the entire time! You can expect lots of jumping, running, moving, strength, stretch, and core. This fun class is offered by an elementary school teacher and fitness coach that will show kids the importance of moving their bodies, how to make healthy choices, and how to have fun while exercising. With your child's input, we talk about their favorite ways to move their body and design a workout on the spot to keep them engaged.

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    Read Notice36113-A1Active Kids10/13/18 - 11/24/18 9:00A - 10:00ASaFee DetailsItem Details
    Read Notice36113-A2Active Kids01/12/19 - 02/16/19 9:00A - 10:00ASaFee DetailsItem Details
    Add to Cart36113-A3Active Kids03/09/19 - 04/13/19 9:00A - 10:00ASaFee DetailsItem Details